Queen vic, NIGHT MARKET πŸ’ƒ

Foodie trip to queen vic market was really lovely good vibe, loads of Β different street food… Everything I tried was delicious πŸ‘Œ and going back soon for what I couldn’t have that timeπŸ˜…


Arrived there at 5:30 and got in straight for that yummy churros icecream sandwich!!πŸ™ƒ of knew the queue would be too long later on!

Crispy churros with creamy vanilla, can’t really go wrong there!

It’s a nice twist on the cookie sandwich πŸ‘πŸ¨


Next to come was the pasta in a parmesan wheel!! Really creamy spaghetti the parmesan taste is not too strong could do a bit more salt as well but it’s nice! And seeing them doing it is quite cool πŸ‘


Then after a few mulled wine, we headed for another dessert, those so good Taiwanese pancakes stuffed with Oreo/timtams/hersheys 😨 and here the choc ice cream!! Really really good 10/10πŸ‘ highly enjoyed it


So at this point I clearly had enough to eat and drink but I suddenly realized that I didn’t had any meat 😳 and passing in front of these sicillian sausages… I couldn’t Β stop myself πŸ™‰I just wanted to go for the small plate but then got at the register and the mixte platter was screaming “eat me” and honestly I don’t regret it LOL ( meatball in tomato sauce was very juicy and we’ll seasoned, the sausage was also on point herby and crispy outside with a bit of mash to make your full enough…

An absolute delight of a night I sure recommend it for the vibe the food the music even there’s a cinema as well!! Everything you need, keep your Wednesdays free for this event, I will!! Cause there’s plenty to eat stillπŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ˜‹

Thanks for reading 😘

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