African volcano 🌋🍔

🔥Mozambique style Peri Peri Sauce 🔥

Let me introduce my worldwide Favourite Burger !! and also one of the reasons that gets me excited when i think of going back to London … this Burger has everything , Quality of the ingredients  the flavours the texture… and a nice little kick from the award winning periperi sauce of chef Grant Hawthorne 🙌 this burger is a unique experience that you can’t get anywhere else … only at Maltby street maket  (LONDON) on weekends .

African volcano  also have different items on their menu like “peri peri  Chicken” , “peri peri  prawns” and they’re even starting a new burger with pork crackling etc…  that I’m dying to try !!

The Dirty SecretIMG_8277

4.5 hours slow roasted pulled pork , Emental cheese , onions, mayo  , beef patty and  Peri Peri sauce… the bun is also very different that your regular burger … also this one  is dipped in the slow cooked pulled pork sauce before assembling it all together 🙃 this is the juiciest ,tastiest thing ever…

The following picture was taken by fellow Foodie friend  Syanne aka @cleftsticks
Throw back to when we had the chance to try the off  Menu…



If you’re in London please make sure to go and try it , you’ll thank me later ✌️






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