Pizza emily… the emmy🍔



Through back to spending a week in new york this past autumn …

And it was quite the foodie adventure !! such a vibrant city very enjoyable to cycle as well 😉 so on my first i crossed the Brooklyn bridge to get the Number 1 on my list the Epic EMMY BURGER !! (also num1 in my heart for NY)

Top place for pizzas , pasta and they have only 25 portion of their incredible burger , so you have to play it smart …

i arrived just for dinner opening and there was a queue already at the door the lady was taking phone numbers and tell customers that they will call when their table is ready , i was alone and already knew what i wanted… so the lady said we might have a 30 min window and the table is basically in the kitchen … 😜 and I’m like sure even better !!

the place is not big so they make the most of what they got , a large table is situated just in front of the wood fire pizza oven and they advise you to be careful cause the chef is working with a long PIZZA shovel !! so you might get knock down at anytime lol

i would actually call it the best table in the house 🙌 you can admire the chefs at work and makes it a unique adventure…



i didn’t really know what to expect from this burger , i was impatient to try that homemade pretzel Bun that give it such a recognisable look … short lists of ingredients but when they are 100 % on the quality , it it more than enough .

I’ve been absolutely blown away by those flavours , the emmy sauce and charred onions makes all the difference nothing you’ve ever had before i can’t even describe it 🙃 the beef was a perfect medium rare , the bun was fresh and soft, sucking on the emmy sauce ,  Awesome experience … definitely a 10/10 for the burger and the place 👏


919 Fulton St,

Brooklyn, NY 11238,

United States

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