Levain Bakery 🍪

while i was on a trip to new york i was lucky enough to have … what i heard was the best cookie in new york just a couple blocks away from my hotel ! so on my first morning i had to give it a go for breakfast .

Levain bakery is a very small bakery in the lower west side … quickly enough a queue is forming outside , when you get in you can see all the cakes in  the making , and it smells delicious 😋

i had to go for the classic WALNUT AND CHOC CHIP COOKIE … 🍪 then went on a short walk to central park to enjoy my breakfast 😉  this is a very good size cookie and the best part is cracking it open , crispy outside and goey cookie dough with melted chop inside 🙃 i was definitely in cookie Haven 💯 well done LEVAN BAKERY


and a couple days laters i went back and tried the chocolate and peanut butter  cookie , maybe it was the 2 degrees temperature outside but i didn’t enjoyed the one as much … not goey lick the fist one but maybe it was getting in freezing process LOL


looking forward to go back to new york and have it again …


167 West 74th Street

(more locations)

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