Heroes burger dinner is a well known burger joint , famous for their  enormous and tasty burgers that would make any burger lover happy … so it makes sense that most of melbourne’s competitive eaters  are regulars!

it’s been open for around 2 years , located in hampton park ,this was previously a fish and chips shop ,  then been taken over by DJ and his partner , who then turned it into this very popular gourmet burger shop , with customers coming from all around melbourne  to specifically  have HEROES burger .

unlike some other burger joints, at heroes  most of the products are freshly handcrafted  in house , by experienced chefs that aim to transmit their passion for great food and specially burgers … we can safely say that its a job well done 💯.


To celebrate passing the 3000 followers gap on my instagram , and i decided to have a meal of at least 3000 kcal 😱

heroes sounded like the perfect choice , and it was 🙌 burger order was …


ordered the all star burger wich is… BEEF patty, BACON , CHEESE , EGG, house bbq sauce ,sweet onions,  mustard , tomato relish … that alone sounds pretty good already ! but to that i hadded EXTRA CHEESE, EXTRA BACON, DORITO CRUMBED CHICKEN ,PULLED PORK , WAFFLED MAC AND CHEESE , and some MAPLE AIOLI 🙃

now this was a BIG burger !!! and the flavours of all ingredients were totally on point ! the home made brioche bun was so soft and tasty , could definitely taste the homemade factor here ! ‘dorito crumb chicken’ and ‘waffled mac and cheese’ is not something you can’t  get everywhere and i highly recommend every one to give it a try , even though i was expecting more flavour to come out of the waffled mac n cheese it was still a very interesting add on  , the pulled pork was tasty but could have been a bit juicier  , bacon was crispy and juicy as …😍  beef cooked well and juicy …. overall an awesome burger !!

and in the calorie count this one is a whooping 2000 kcal 😬 🚑



i mixed the peanut butter , nutella and salted caramel flavours on the recommendations of DJ and this was one of the tastiest shake I’ve had ! each flavours were strongly recognisable and tasted like a real snicker …

definitely the thickest shakes around !!   so so good 😻

calories count down i will put 600 kcal but could be more 😅


we didn’t ask for that one but it has been brought to us so …. couldn’t let it get too cold 🤔 LOL , it  was a really tasty burger the heroes sauce was so on point and lots of it,  with the cheese… made it really easy to get it down , and that soft bun again 🙃

we shared it but let say i had 3/4 of it … around 500 kcal… so at this point i would safely say that my 3000 kcal goal was achieved 🏆


we got some sides as well , curly fries and potato gems … crispy and well seasoned , the perfect side to go with your burger !

on the left the regular HFC burger next to one of our modded burger 😱


no leftovers !! but as you can see on the upper part of the pic it wasn’t the case for everyone at my table … 😝


overall excellent burgers and the vibe of the place is very enjoyable … big thanks to the HEROES team and specially DJ for looking after us . 🙌


Shop 14/6 Fordholm Road,

Hampton Park, Melbourne

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