dad and daves cafe is a cute little cafe situated just beside YARRAVILLE train station , wich makes it the perfect place to grab something on the go while running for your train … the place use to be a milk  bar for almost 2 decades under the same name , and you can even  still see the previous owner helping out in the cafe, even if the place has been taken over a  few years ago  and transformed in this proper melbourne cafe , the place is becoming quite busy for weekend brunch as well , thanks to a great work of the team , especially in the kitchen where  MAHESH the head chef , has elaborated a very attractive brunch menu , with dishes like  smashed peas , sautéed asparagus , sautéed cauliflowers   , and  of course the classic smash avocado etc… as well as weekly specials  , you won’t be short of options ! they also try to accommodate for all diets , as the place is 100% halal and also offers vegetarian or  vegan options on request….

i visited the place with a couple of friends ,  we sat on the terrace and proceeded to enjoy our meals the service was very friendly and the atmosphere relaxed .

corn fritters

i ordered for myself an orange juice ( freshly pressed) and the corn fritters wich is coming with smashed avocado, grilled haloumi and home made beetroot chutney , to that i added poached eggs …

the corn fritters were soft and tasty , they’re cooked on a flat top instead of  deep fried , it makes the dish less oily (healthier) , the smash avo as a good kick to it , wich brought out the flavours of the other ingredients, the halloumi was perfectly grilled , and the poached eggs were  runny ,  and of a bright orange color 🙌 , ecxatly what a blogger need for a good  yolk porn  😝 !  overall great dish with awesome flavours that worked perfectly together 💯

Orange juice

a nice selection of pressed juiced and smoothies also available . 


smashed peas

my friends respectively  ordered the smashed peas and the smashed pumpkin wich are quite popular dishes , they say it was really tasty 👍

smashed pumpkin


Freshly baked vegan muffins

a selection of home made cakes and pastries freshly baked available every mornings…


weekly specials



thanks to the dad and Daves team for looking after us , and looking forward to coming back 😉


27-29 Birmingham Street,

Yarraville, Melbourne

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