Raw and roxy was the first restaurant in cape town to be fully raw and vegan ,this shop has been opened since october but previously was in woodstock for about 2 years ….  conviniently located at the beginning of bree street , you’ll have to walk up the stairs and then you’ll enter a very wide open space , wich is actually 2 big rooms , one being the main room with the kitchen , were we can see the chefs working , and the other room having a couple of big table , and painting exposition on the walls , its a very different vibe from any other place I’ve been to .

every item is freshly made on site , as we could witness the deliveries arriving we had no doubt about this , looking at the fully raw menu , theres a lot of very creative and exciting dishes , Lasagna , curry , salads , breakfast bowls , cakes , juices … all of that being fully raw and vegan of course ! so now time for decision !


now that was a tasty and filling pizza !! the crust is made out of activated buckwheat , flaxseed and onion … of course the texture is nothing like your usual pizza crust but its still crunchy and flavourful , its topped with tomato , green pesto , avocado ,nutritional yeast and nut cheese … the nut cheese is so creamy i never tried it before but it was very interesting ! very well combined flavours and the perfect side salad to finish off this dish.

highly enjoyable pizza slice that won’t leave you hungry thanks to all the healthy fats and nutrients .


if you like chocolate , this drink is for you !! the intense taste of the raw cocoa is delightful , theres also macca powder, coconut oil and superthrive wich gives it a super creamy texture … this gives you enough energy for the rest of your day !! and will satisfy your chocolate cravings .

i really enjoyed my time at raw and roxy , if you’re a vegan this place is a must and if you’re not a vegan but like to try different things this is a must as well … I’m always impressed with the creativity that most of the vegan dishes are made of , and i really don’t understand people that think vegan is boring , this is clearly a lack of imagination on their part …(no offense 😬)


8 Bree Street, De Waterkant,

Cape Town

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