House of H

this restaurant located on Loop street has been open for less than a year , but quickly became the place to be for great Food ,or  after work drinks etc… in a very enjoyable attic kinda vibe , with big wooden tables and vintage  Art around the place , FUN FACT, the oyster mushrooms used for their burgers are growing on the shelf in the main room !

theres also no paper menu here, only big black board wich was previously a table i believe  … the place is very environment friendly and promotes fresh and real food , on the menu you got a selection of steaks, chicken , and burgers…. coming with a mixed of fries and fresh salads that is served as you request from the deli fridge .

the service is also different than anywhere else… when you enter you’re given a card , and your waiter is gonna take it to place your order and  this is for each individual at your table , i guess it avoids split bills dramas  its quit an interesting process, even though I can see this becoming a bit confusing for the staff in the busy times… anyway i went on a week day at luchn time so had no problem with that …

i ordered the oyster mushroom burger , as I’ve been told by a few friends it was worth it …

it comes with half a portion of fries and salad but of course you can choose only salads or fries… when your burger arrives you go yourself to the deli fridge and tell your waitress wich salads you would like . you can choose up to 3 !

Oyster mushroom burger

first of all , this is a good looking burger you can tell straight away its gonna be good ,the cheese is melted , the mayo seem in generous portion , tomato , pickle , the bun look fresh , and it smells nice … the salads are colourful the whole plate looks appealing to me …

i took the first bite and what hit me first is the strong grilled charcoal taste coming from the mushrooms , that you find in steaks usually ,i wasn’t expecting it but, very pleased with it,  then comes a nice mushroom flavour nicely seasoned  , the mayo and cheese also work perfectly there and to round off this burger , the bun was fresh and dense but not chewy… absorbing the fats without becoming soggy…

its a big YES for this burger…

the salads were refreshing and flavourful very filling as well ! i went for the quinoa, coleslaw , and the beetroot /pineapple .

theres probably close to 10 salads to choose from .

i really enjoyed my time at HOUSE OF H and definitely recommend anyone to check the place, specially if you’re hanging in cape town CBD ! you won’t regret the experience !

i also look forward to my next visit as the  meat dishes are calling me !


112 Loop Street, CBD,

Cape Town

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