The Naked Dough 🍪

The naked dough just opened in Old street station , you’ll find it easily as you just have to follow the queue going out the door of the shop .

yes everyone wants to try this brand new shop serving raw cookie dough , with 6 different flavours “with catchy names” , you can enjoy the dough by the scoop in a pot, a waffle cone , or in a Milk shake, its definitely served as a ice cream like treat , but could it really replace ice cream ?

for me the answer is a definite no .

Nak’ed Sheehan and Hazel’s nuts 

this is real cookie dough !!  yes of course we all enjoy a little peace of it while making cookies , but isn’t the propose of cookies to be baked ? 2 scoops of the mixture is more than enough … as it is VERY sweet 🚐  the raw granulated sugar texture is not really something i personally like , also there’s no real depth of flavours , its just extremely sweet with a grainy soft texture …

Now it is interesting to try , and i recommend anyone with an overly developed  sweet tooth out there to go and try 😉

but please give me that Ben and Jerry’s back 😅


old street station


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