Black Bear 🍔

if you ask me wich burger to go get on a saturday … i would tell you black bear at Broadway Market ! as i haven’t tried it yet i was pretty excited to have a free saturday and to finally be able to put a “Taste” on those incredible looking pictures …

the Black Bear stall is tuck on a side street of the market , but you have signs on the main street to show you the way …

i got there early to make sure to avoid any queues , only 2 burger on their menu but when you do top quality, you don’t really need more , i went for the Brisket burger with added bacon , theres also cheese pickled onions and aioli …

Brisket Burger 

ok so that burger was EPIC … getting straight in my London  top 5 , bustling of flavours !! i could definitely taste the quality of each ingredients , the meat was cooked medium but still juicy with nice seasoning the cheese perfectly melted on top of it , then come one of my favourite thing to have in a Burger… Pulled BRISKET 🤤 juicy and nicely grilled wich gives it a bit of a smokey flavour , the bacon is quite thin in appearance  but not in taste ! pickled onions and aioli for the finish … 💯

i I’ve nothing bad to say about this Burger ,the  guys at Black Bear burgers  knows what they’re doing and the result is there ! i like that it wasn’t overly oily or greasy … everthing is cooked on a flat top and no need of crazy amount a grease . 👌

can’t wait for my next visit !

Black Bear Burger

Broadway Market (saturday)

and different locations

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