Gourmet Burger Kitchen

ok so since i broke my foot…( cycling accident 😅) i can’t really go too far from my home , so i decided to go to the nearest GBK joint ( PUTNEY ) .

I’m always a bit hesitant on trying big burger chains , as i found they’re often more about money than quality … but i heard good things about GBK from a few blogger friends , so i thought it was the time ! the putney shop has been open for 17 years ! so you would expect they got it all round up by now .

quick look at the menu , even though i made research before hands and know what i want … the Big Mouth Burger sound good and you can double up for under 3 pounds , coming with beer infuse cheese , bacon monster crunch , smoked chilli mayo , i ordered an additional onion ring and added myself some halloumi bites 😋 i ordered my burger ‘MEDIUM RARE’   i also got sweet potatoes fries coming with beconaise wich gotta was quite epic !! as well as an oreo shake cause you gotta keep hydrate LOL


when i went to place my order the staff was very friendly and helpful , going the extra mile to make my time at the restaurant enjoyable ,as i was ordering quite many things the manager helped to get me the best price , with their bundle promotion ! although there was a few mixed  up in my orders…

the shake came as a vanilla when i ordered oreo but thats an easy fix 😉

my added onion ring was missing … though i probably had enough food already 😅

i also could notice at first glance that the cheese wasn’t really melty …

when i cutted though the burger i unfortunately realised my burgers were cooked a closer to medium well than medium rare !! wich was the massive let down as i find overcooked meat dry/flavourless/and highly unenjoyable ! a bit more seasoning wold be needed also…

this burger has a lot of potential and if executed nicely would be AMAZING !! but in this case was average due to the lack of juiciness, , the halloumi bites were really tasty though .

the beconaise coming with the sweet potatoes was awesome as a bacon and mayonnaise lover as i’am , can’t really go wrong there !


yummy !! very nice as an addition in a burger or also on its own …


tasty creamy shake with yummy oreo bites !!

overall my experience wasn’t bad ! it just wasn’t as good as it should have been !

i although do recommend people and give it a go , they do have a nice menu and tasty food and good customer service !

ill definitely give it another go soon 😉

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

333 Putney Bridge Rd,

London SW15 2PG

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