so I’ve seen a few interesting dishes on instagram lately … like a boat shape pizza or a sweet dessert with melted cheese in the middle 🤔 so after a quick research it turned out being turkish dishes respectively called PIDE ( boat shape pizza ) and KUNEFE ( cheese dessert) … also turns out theres not many places in London you can get both at the same time !

tbut one of them is called   ANTEPLILER    located in Haringay , this family owned turkish restaurant specialise in Baklava’s as well as  turkish cuisine Like mezzes and meat grills etc…   ! the place is actually divided in too ….  a cafe/Bakery  and the restaurant .

i went to the restaurant side as i headed there for Lunch …  after a cycle journey of 25 km by 2 degrees ☃ definitely needed to warm up 😬


started off with this  lahmacun… a turkish speciality , thin crust flat bread topped with mince lamb , onions , tomatoes , parsley …  it was very tasty , nice light crispy texture !


for the main i choose the PASTIRMALI YUMURTALI PIDE , (not gonna lie it was a struggle to pronounce 😅 ) with cured beef , egg, spices , cheese … the dish came quickly , looked really cute and tasted good ! unlike italian pizzas this wasn’t all greasy , the dough was thin and fluffy , and the filling was flavourful …


now for dessert and the main reason im here !! the kunefe , wich ive been drooling over for weeks looking through social medias , so would this dish meet my expectations ? lets see…  PASTRY, CHEESE , PISTACHIOS, BUTTER, SUGAR , topped with clotted cream , 🙃yeah i can’t see how this could go wrong …

LOOK AT IT !! definitely drool worthy , it was everything i expected !

really indulgent , with an overpowering sugar and butter taste , but its a combination i LOVE 🤤 crispy warm pastry combined with a gooey cheese for the perfect texture contrast , the cheese taste is not overpowering ,it works perfectly … and too finish off with a bit of a pistachio crunch 💯

yes i absolutely loved this dish !! it was exciting and different to try … and now i just want to eat it all the time LOL

i highly recommend anyone to try ! and Antepliler is a nice place to go with friends as well as family … the service is very attentive and the food delicious , you just have to relax and enjoy 🙌

Thanks to the ANTEPLILER team for having me over , i highly enjoyed my lunch and look forward to coming back for more 😉

020 8800 7981

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