Burger liquor

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So, as a few of you may know , i’ve recently moved to Wellington NZ🇳🇿 !!  this city has the more cafes per capita than new york  city!  sounds like the right place to be for me ! so for... Read More

Vagabond Wines

i was lucky enough to be able to join the  Howard’s folly Winemaker’s Dinner event,  hosted by wine master DAVID Baverstock  at VAGABON in Victoria … which was a 5 courses Portugu... Read More

The Yorkshire Grey

The yorkshire grey  is a nice victorian pub in Holborn with  a wide selection of drinks , and a new kitchen menu !! so i  thought ill give it a go …  they’re using Quality ingredients ... Read More

Burger and Beyond

Been seeing pretty interesting things about these guys on social medias , so i had to go and see it for myself … they have a few different pop ups around london , Dinnerama , camden market , als... Read More

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

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ok so since i broke my foot…( cycling accident 😅) i can’t really go too far from my home , so i decided to go to the nearest GBK joint ( PUTNEY ) . I’m always a bit hesitant on tr... Read More

Black Bear 🍔

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if you ask me wich burger to go get on a saturday … i would tell you black bear at Broadway Market ! as i haven’t tried it yet i was pretty excited to have a free saturday and to finally ... Read More

Bleecker Street 🍔

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OK , so I’ve been back in London for a week now and nicely going through my LONDON top burger list to make sure its still accurate , today i went to pay a visit to the legendary BLEECKER STREET ... Read More

The Naked Dough 🍪

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The naked dough just opened in Old street station , you’ll find it easily as you just have to follow the queue going out the door of the shop . yes everyone wants to try this brand new shop se... Read More

Olympia cafe

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went on a cycling trip on the other side of the peninsula to Kalk Bay ,  a small but beautiful seaside little town , with a few cafes and restaurants, i stoped at Olympia cafe , a cute little place s... Read More

The Dogs Bollocks 🍔

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so I’ve heard a lot about this atypic place and was impatient to go see it for my self… Located in GARDENS …during the day the place is called the Bitches Tits and serves a good rang... Read More